Summary November 9th, 2006


Summary of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
Thursday, November 9, 2006
The College of New Rochelle


Present: Z. M. Baird, Canuelas, Cutul, Dressler, Herzberg, Hesler, Mannino, Mecca, Ransom, Rao and Rodgers


Excused: T. Baird, Huang, Jackson, Juarbe, Paulsen, Rovenger, Tannenbaum, Zielinski


  • Ransom noted that there was no quorum.
  • Meeting commenced at 10:25.
  • Summary of the October 19 meeting was approved.
  • Several Board members had not received the October minutes that Cutul e-mailed to them on 10/27/06. Ransom will contact Baird to create a link for the minutes on the WLA Web site, and Cutul will notify Board members when minutes have been posted.


President’s Report:

  • Ransom stressed the importance for Board members to check the WLA Web site for the meeting schedule and other relevant information. She plans to e-mail an Agenda to the Board a few days before each meeting, which should serve as a reminder.
  • Ransom has received an authorization code from AM 1230 WFAS radio station and has forwarded it to Z. M. Baird. The code is necessary to report meeting cancellations on WFAS in case of inclement weather.
  • Snow chain needs to be revised. Z. M. Baird will contact Board members for cell phone numbers and make up a current snow chain list.
  • We need to address the quorum problem. Ransom asked for volunteers from an ad hoc committee to examine the Bylaws.  Z. M. Baird and Rodgers volunteered. They will study both the quorum issue and also voting by e-mail. Ransom asked Board members to e-mail suggestions and comments.


Treasurer’s Report:

  • Rodgers will e-mail October bank statements to Board members.


Membership Report:

  • Rao has mailed out membership renewals and the preliminary conference flyer.
  • She has forwarded membership information to ACRLNY-L and WALDO listservs, and it was posted to both listservs on 10/3/06.
  • She will post the Conference flyer on PLDA and School Library listservs in December.
  • Flyer with WLA’s new Web address will be distributed at the Midwinter conference.
  • WLA may qualify for bulk mailing rate. Secretary Cutul will contact the post office and file the necessary form.


Web Administration Committee:

  • Z. M. Baird reported on behalf of the Web Administration Committee and asked Board members to be proactive and forward relevant information to T. Baird to be posted to the WLA Web site with a cc to Ransom and the Board.
  • Rao proposed to post a link to the Special Libraries Association Web site. She will investigate and contact T. Baird with the information.


Professional Development Committee Report:

  • Z. M. Baird reported on behalf of Zielinski that the Committee has set an April 2007 deadline for submissions for the Professional Development Award.
  • The Committee is also exploring the idea of a “Librarian of the Year Award” and “Support Staff of the Year Award.”

Midwinter Conference:

  • Herzberg will work out the room scheduling for the Conference and book the vendor for the breakfast.
  • Z. M. Baird will call Pam Thornton for possible vender sponsorship or contact a vendor herself.



  • Lisa Mecca has agreed to serve as the Registrar for the Midwinter Conference.



  • Ransom asked Board members to email T. Baird any flyers to be posted on the WLA Web site with a cc to Board members.
  • Hesler will post the conference flyer on the Reference Librarians’ listserv.
  • Hesler, Z. M. Baird and Cutul will contact all Westchester public libraries to establish a contact person to post/distribute WLA flyers. Z. M. Baird will distribute flyers through WLS to appropriate contact persons. She will also give flyers to Monahan at BOCES.
  • Rodgers will make a list of school superintendents for Z. M. Baird to contact with Conference information
  • Z. M. Baird will forward Conference information to the Journal News for inclusion in the newspaper’s calendar and also invite a representative from the newspaper to take pictures at the Conference. She will contact local TV channel News 12, as well.
  • Herzberg will distribute flyers to the Yonkers Public Schools.
  • Ransom will post Conference flyer on the ACRLNY-L, WALDO and METRO-L listservs on Friday, November 17, to give the Support Staff Committee time to propose a Conference program.
  • Ransom and Mecca will make up the final flyer with the room assignments.


College Section:

  • Mannino has booked Don Wilson, a Media Specialist at LIU, to talk about Bibliotherapy.
  • Board members will forward relevant listings of books to T. Baird to post on the WLA Web site.


Youth Services Section:

  • Z. M. Baird reported that two book discussion leaders have been booked.
  • There has been good response to the nominations for the mock Caldecott, Newbery and Printz awards.
  • Dressler is working on a joint WLA/WLS Showcase to take place March 20 next year at the White Plains Public Library.


Support Staff Section:

  • Ransom reported that Support Staff section had no program planned, so far. Dressler proposed that we contact Rachel Charny of WLS to give a talk about Microsoft Windows. Herzberg will contact Hansen and Smith about this idea and report to Z. M. Baird who will contact Charny.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45

                                                                        Respectfully submitted by Ann-Marie Cutul


Next Board meeting:
Date: Thursday, December 7, 2006
Time: 10 a.m. to Noon
Place: Scarsdale Village Hall

1001 Post Road, Scarsdale