Minutes October 6th, 2009


Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
October 6, 2009
White Plains Public Library


Present: Diane Batemarco, Aurora Cruz, Ann-Marie Cutul, Karyn DeLuca, Ed Falcone, Dan Glauber, Maxine Grandison, Harriet Huang, Srivalli, Rao, Carolyn Reznick, Sharon Rothman, and Susan Thaler


Excused: Tim Baird, Zahra M. Baird, Francene Costello, Michelle Halpern, and John Monahan

President’s Report:
·    Rothman reported that she has notified Tim Baird of the changes to the Board of Directors listing on the WLA webpage. She urged Board members to double check their own listings.  Michelle Meltzer has married, and her new name is Michelle Halpern. Congratulations from the Board!

Treasurer’s Report:
·    Falcone reported the as of September 30, 2009, WLA had $9,122.06 in the Checking Account and $30,005.61 in the Savings Account with a combined total of $39,127.67.
·    Falcone further reported that both he and Rothman can now sign WLA checks.

Membership Report:
·    Rao reported that WLA had 224 members as of October 5, 2009. She will email membership renewals to 2008 and 2009 members in the middle of November and send out a reminder the third week in December. 2007 members have been deleted.
·    Rao will revise and enhance the membership form.
·    Cutul suggested that we create a flyer to attract more members. Thaler will ask Halpern to make one up with Rao’s assistance. The flyer will be distributed via WLS.
·    Rao will work at the Mercy Dobbs Ferry Campus as of November 1, and she will use that address for mailings.

Support Staff Section:
·    Grandison asked the Board if Health would be an OK topic for a Support Staff program for the Annual Conference. The Board suggested a program centering on the H1N1 flu.

Professional Development Committee:
·    Zielinski was excused. Rao suggested we open up the Professional Development award to support staff. Glauber offered to speak to Zielinski and Zahra M. Baird and also to create a promotional flyer.

Legislation Committee:
·    Glauber reported that the NYLA Lobby Day (Tuesday, March 2) has been posted to the WLA home page.

Upcoming Events:
Author Event:
·    DeLuca read a list of possible authors to invite for the January Author Event. The Board agreed to invite Marilyn Johnson to speak about her new book This Book is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All. Preferable venue will be the White Plains Library with Yonkers Will Library as a second choice.

Social Event:
·    Reznick will investigate several places in the Mount Kisco area as a possible alternative to O’Malley’s Bar and Restaurant. She suggested inviting narrator Alan Sklar. Board agreed on the following charges for the event: $15 for members, $25 for non-members.

Annual Conference:
·    Thaler will form a conference committee and report back to the Board.
·    Rothman suggested having round table discussions of hot topics in the morning.

The meeting was adjourned (Glauber/DeLuca) at 11:40 A.M.

                        Respectfully submitted by Ann-Marie Cutul

Upcoming meetings:
All meetings will be held at the White Plains Public Library 10 A.M. – 12 Noon
Thursday, November 5, 2009
Tuesday, December 1, 2009