Minutes January 24th, 2008


Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
  January 24, 2008
  Chappaqua Public Library

Present: Patrick Callahan, Aurora Cruz, Ann-Marie Cutul, Maxine Grandison, Harriet Huang, Dulce Juarbe, Opal B. Lindsay, Cathy Paulsen, Sara Rodgers, and Judith Rovenger

Excused: Tim Baird, Zahra M. Baird, Diane Batemarco, Tata Canuelas, Jodie Hopkins, James Leftwich, Craig McMahon, John Monahan, Srivalli Rao, Jennifer L. Ransom, Carolyn Reznick, Ellen Tannenbaum, and Karen Zielinski

The meeting came to order at 10:15. Motion (Juarbe/Cruz) to accept the Minutes from the December 19, 2007, meeting passed with minor corrections.

President’s Report:

  • Lindsay noted the positive feedback from the Youth Services Awards Buzz Program at the White Plains Public Library January 8.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Rodgers distributed the December reports. As of December 31, 2007, the Checking Account had a closing balance of $15,916.82 and the Savings Account a balance of $19, 817.32.
  • Rodgers will e-mail the Board a printable invoice to be used when paying bills.
  • Speaker at the December 6 WLA Social lost his check. The Board voted to stop payment and mail him another check.

Reference Section:

  • Paulsen will send out a flier announcing the WLA Bowling and Booklist Soiree planned for February 29 at the AMF White Plains Lanes. She also announced that Marilyn Johnson has been invited as a workshop speaker for the Annual Conference May 9.

Youth Services Section:

  • Rovenger reported on behalf of Z. M. Baird and Canuelas that the Awards Buzz Program held at the White Plains Public Library January 8 was a great success with around 30 people attending.
  • She also reminded everyone of the upcoming Performers Showcase March 18. This event is co-sponsored with WLS.

Support Staff Section:

  • Grandison reported that she will approach Ma’lis Wendt to be a workshop speaker at the Annual Conference.

Legislation Committee:

  • Juarbe reported that WLS will sponsor a bus to Albany for Legislation Day March 11. Elise Burke is setting up appointments with legislators. Detailed information will be posted on the WLS website. The Board voted to pay for refreshments on the bus with a maximum amount of $200.

Professional Development Committee:

  • The winner of this year’s Professional Development award Pat Miller has completed her requirements. The Board voted to send her a check and also to invite her to give a short report at the Annual Conference.

Directory Committee:

  • Huang reported that she and Tannenbaum are working on the new WLA directory to be published in time for the Annual Conference. Letters will go out to the directors for staff listings.
  • President and Mount Vernon Public Library Director Lindsay will alert other directors at the next PLDA meeting.

Annual Confernce:

Keynote Speaker:

  • The Board voted to invite Tracie Hall to be the luncheon keynote speaker. Hall has offered the following title for her presentation: “May I please Blow Up This Reference Desk?: Why Rethinking Library Services for 21st Century Users Can’t Wait.”

Speakers and Speaker Fees:

  • Rodgers suggested Gerald Nichols from the Palmer Institute for Public Library Organization and Management as an interesting speaker to attract library directors.
  • Cruz suggested John Sexton, a recently hired Youth Services consultant at WLS, as a possible speaker for a Youth Services workshop.
  • Tracie Hall has offered to do a complementary workshop as a follow up to her keynote speech.
  • The Board unanimously voted for the following speaker fees:

Keynote speaker: Up to $1000 for all expenses

Workshop speakers: A $300 maximum per workshop.


  • The Board voted unanimously to have six slots or workshops.

The meeting was adjourned (Rovenger/Juarbe) at 12 Noon.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted by Ann-Marie Cutul

Upcoming WLA meeting:

Date: Thursday, February 28, 2008
Place: Scarsdale Public Library
Time: 10 A.M. – 12 Noon