Minutes December 19th, 2007


Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
December 19, 2007
Scarsdale Public Library

Present: Patrick Callahan, Aurora Cruz, Ann-Marie Cutul, Maxine Grandison, Harriet Huang, Dulce Juarbe, James Leftwich, Opal Lindsay, Craig McMahon, John Monahan, Catherine Paulsen, Jennifer L. Ransom, and Carolyn Reznick

Excused: Tim Baird, Zahra M. Baird, Diane Batemarco, Jodie Hopkins, Srivalli Rao, Sara Rodgers, Judith Rovenger, and Ellen Tannenbaum

The meeting came to order at 10:05. Motion (Monahan/Juarbe) to accept the Minutes from November 8, 2007, passed with one minor correction.

President’s Report:
·    Lindsay complimented the organizers of the WLA December 6 Social. The event, which was held at Azzurri’s Restaurant in Thornwood with Ben Cheever as a guest, was a great success. McMahon, chair of the Public Relations Committee had prepared an attractive handout.

Treasurer’s Report:
·    Cutul reported on behalf of Rodgers who was excused. Expenses for the December 6 Social amounted to $1335 after the deduction of $490 received from the 49 people attending the event. Checking Account and Investor’s Choice reports were unavailable.

Membership Report:
·    Cutul reported on behalf of Rao, who was excused.  We have 125 persons registered as 2008 WLA members. This includes both 2006 and 2007 renewals, as well as a few new members. 

Reference Section:
·    Paulsen reported that the Reference committee, together with Z. M. Baird is arranging a “Book List Swap and Bowling Soiree” at the White Plains Lanes Bowling Alley. The Board agreed to plan the event for February 29, 2008, from 5:30 to 7:30.  The fee to attend would be $20 per person, and WLA would pick up the extra $5 per person to hire bowling shoes.

Youth Services Section:
·    Paulsen gave a report on behalf of Z.M. Baird who was excused. The Youth Services section has planned a WLA Awards Buzz Program for January 8, 2008, at the White Plains Public Library from 6:30 – 8 P.M. Attendees will share thoughts on favorite titles published in 2007 and bring choices for the 2008 Caldecott, Newbery and/or Printz awards and speculate on which ones will be the ALA winners. Paulsen distributed a flyer announcing the event. The Board voted to contribute up to $300 toward refreshments.
·    Cutul also reported on behalf of Z. M. Baird that the Youth Services Section and WLS are co-sponsoring a Performers Showcase March 18, 2008, at the Ossining Public Library. Marci Dressler, Judith Rovenger and Z.M. Baird are planning this event and appreciate suggestions for performers who have not already performed at past showcases.
·    The Youth Services section is also busy planning programs for the Annual Conference with possible topics, such as “Can you Hear me Now?, the importance of audio books for children and young adults.”

Support Staff Section:
·    Grandison suggested that Nancy Grimaldi hold a workshop at the Annual Conference, titled “Getting the Most out of EBSCO HOST.”

Public Relations Committee:
·    McMahon, the new chair of the Public Relations Committee, was welcomed and applauded. McMahon urges Board members to submit items in need of publicity.

Legislation Committee:
·    Juarbe will be going to a meeting at WLS to discuss plans for Legislation Day 2008.

Annual Conference:
·    Cruz noted that we have a revised contract with Doubletree which was e-mailed to Board members before the meeting. She will hand in the deposit December 20. Doubletree renovations are scheduled to be finished before the end of April. There is lots of parking and four large breakout rooms in addition to the luncheon room.  Speakers are encouraged to bring their own laptops to avoid additional expenses. Food will be catered from the outside and, will, therefore, not permit last minute registration. We are allowed to bring our own equipment and tables, if needed. Monahan offered to bring projectors from BOCES.  Cruz will make up an “Equipment Needs Sheet” for speakers to fill out. Monahan will also inform School Media students that they can get credit for attending the conference.
Attendance fees:
·    The Board discussed a schedule of fees to attend the Conference but left it up to Leftwich, Cruz and Hopkins to work together to come up with a suggested fee schedule.
·    Ransom will resend her e-mail regarding a possible theme for the Conference, and Board members are urged to respond ASAP.
·    The facility will allow for four programs in the morning and four in the afternoon. Section chairs are urged to start planning their programs.
Keynote Speaker:
·    Lindsay has invited Tracie Hall to be our keynote speaker.

The meeting was adjourned (Monahan/Juarbe) 11:50 A.M.

                        Respectfully submitted by Ann-Marie Cutul

Upcoming WLA meeting:
Date: Thursday, January 24, 2008
Place: Chappaqua Public Library
Time: 10 A.M. – 12 Noon

Upcoming February and March meetings: 
Thursday, February 28
Scarsdale Public Library

Wednesday, March 19
Gill Library,
The College of New Rochelle