Minutes April 24th, 2008


Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
April 24, 2008
The Gloria Gaines Library
Marymount College

Present: Diane Batemarco, Aurora Cruz, Ann-Marie Cutul, Ed Falcone, Maxine Grandison, Jodie Hopkins, Harriet Huang, James Leftwich, Opal B. Lindsay, John Monahan, Cathy Paulsen, Jennifer L. Ransom, Sara Rodgers, Sharon Rothman, and Judith Rovenger

Excused: Tim Baird, Cheryl Berent, Patrick Callahan, Rebecca Eller, Dulce Juarbe, Srivalli Rao, Carolyn Reznick, and Karen Zielinski

The meeting came to order at 10:05 A.M. Motion (Cruz/Falcone) to accept the Minutes from March 19, 2008, passed.

President’s Report:
·    Lindsay welcomed Sharon Rothman who has accepted the nomination for Vice-President/President-Elect for 2008-2009. She also noted that Ellen Tannenbaum has resigned from her position as Co-Chair of the Directory Committee.  Lindsay expressed thanks for all involved in producing the new WLA Directory.

Treasurer’s Report:
·    As of March 31, 2008, the Checking Account had a closing balance of $16,247.00 and the Savings Account $19,831.24. Rodgers questioned when the balance was due at Doubletree and mentioned that she will drop off a check at the hotel to cover the overnight expenses for the keynote speaker.

Membership Report:
·    Rao was excused but in an e-mail had agreed to distribute the directory to WLA members May 1st. She will e-mail the url for the pdf version of the Directory.

Web Administration Committee:
·    Cutul has contacted webmaster Tim Baird, and he has agreed to set up the Conference follow-up survey online. Ransom and Leftwich volunteered to write it up.

Reference Section:
·    Paulsen reported that all is in order for the conference. She will find out the equipment needs of the presenters.

Public Relations Committee:
·    Eller has prepared a conference program which has been distributed via e-mail. She has also sent out several press releases. The Board commented on her great work.

Legislation Committee:
·    Juarbe was excused. Lindsay will check with her which legislators plan to attend the Conference.

Professional Development Committee:
·    Cutul reported on behalf of Zielinski, who was excused, that the winner of the WLA Scholarship award is Zahra M. Baird. Pat Miller, last year’s winner, will do a poster session about the course she took with her award money.

Directory Committee:
·    The WLA directory is ready to go. Co-Chair Huang asked the Board if the Directory should be labeled 2008-2009 or 2008-2010. The Board voted for 2008-2010. Tim Baird has created a separate url for the pdf file, and Rao has agreed to e-mail the url to WLA members May 1st.

The School/Public Library Cooperation Award:
Rovenger reported this year’s winners as follows:
·    For Pre-School Children: Hendrick Hudson Free Library and the Hendrick Hudson School District – Montrose for their “Step Up For Literacy” project.
·    For Children: Briarcliff Manor Public Library and Todd School-Briarcliff Manor for their “B’cliff Kids Video Booktalks.”
·    For Teens: The Field Library, Peekskill High School and Peekskill Middle School – Peekskill for their “Poetry Slam” series.
·    For Teens: Warner Library – Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow High and Sleepy Hollow Middle School for the creation of a new Teen Area named CONNECTIONS.

Book Tour:
·    Rodgers and Batemarco have arranged an all day program which will feature a walking tour of bookstores in lower Manhattan and a visit to the Morgan Library. Rodgers distributed two fliers. The Board agreed to change the tour date from June 7 to June 14.

Annual Conference:
Conference Packets:
·    Cutul read Zielinski’s list of items to be included in the packets. Ransom and Leftwich will prepare the Conference evaluation form. Leftwich will work with Eller to prepare a revised Conference program which will include biographies of the presenters. Rodgers will prepare the annual Treasurer’s report. Grandison, Lindsay, Cutul, Batemarco and Leftwich will assist Zielinski in assembling the packets. 

·    Cutul reported on behalf of registrar Zielinski who was excused. As of April 26, there are 30 registrants. 
·    Zielinski, Cutul, Paulsen and Rodgers will take turns at the registration desk. There will be separate tables for membership (Rao and Batemarco) and exhibits (Hopkins).

·    Hopkins reported that as of April 22 there were 16 vendors confirmed and 4 strong possibilities. One vendor has agreed to a $200 donation toward the breakfast.

Lunch Tickets:
·    Deadline for registration is April 28.  The Board decided to add 5-6 extra lunches to the total number to be given to Doubletree May 2.
·    The Board decided to ask Rao to send out an e-mail with the corrected Conference schedule and that it is still time to register.

Raffle prizes:
·    Cutul has received five raffle prizes so far, and Hopkins reported that there are several vendor prizes.

Props and A/V equipment:
·    Leftwich needs all A/V requests promptly. Since Doubletree charges for each piece of equipment separately Lindsay, Cruz, and Monahan volunteered to bring extra laptops, LCD monitors, a multimedia projector with sound system, and a portable microphone. 
·    Lindsay will enlarge the conference program to have by the registration desk.
·    There will be two easels with room designations for the workshops.
·    Cruz will make signs, and Hopkins will make a breakfast acknowledgment sign.
·    Lindsay will bring the WLA banner.

·    Cruz is preparing a list of useful numbers for troubleshooting. She collected the cell phone numbers of the Board members present.
·    Monahan volunteered to be a backup A/V person.

The meeting was adjourned (Batemarco/Cruz) at 11:55 A.M.

                        Respectfully submitted by Ann-Marie Cutul

Upcoming WLA meetings:
Date: Annual Conference May 9, 2008
Place: Doubletree Hotel, Tarrytown
Time: 8:00 A.M. – 4:15 P.M.

Date: Luncheon meeting June 5, 2008
Place and Time: TBA