Annual Conference

Save the Date!

Friday, May 4th, 8am to 4pm
Doral Arrowwood

Past Conference Materials

2016 Annual Conference

Workshop F – Digital Preservation of Local Newspapers & Heritage Materials

Providing Digital Access to Heritage Resources Presentation


Workshop G – Volunteer Management: Training and Resources
Presenter Chrissie Morrison

VolunTeens 101 Webinar

VolunTeen Training Sample

Sample VolunTeen School Year Application

Sample VolunTeen Sign In Sheet

Sample VolunTeen Tasks

Summer VolunTeen Application

Summer VolunTeen Application Rules Supplement

Summer Reading Headquarters Cheat Sheet

Summer VolunTeens Cheat Sheet

Summer VolunTeens FAQ

VolunTeen Recruitment Poster

Summer Reading Save the Date

Summer VolunTeens Sub List Script

Summer VolunTeen Tracker Sample

VolunTeen Training Prep


2014 Annual Conference

Workshop A: 3D Printers – Technology and Application

3d Printing PowerPoint

Workshop B: Providing Inclusive and Accessible Library Programs & Services for Everyone in My Community

Providing Inclusive and Accessible Library Programs and Services for Everyone in My Community PowerPoint Presentation

Workshop C: The Science of Goal Meeting

The Art & Science of Goal Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

Productivity For Librarians Review

Goal Setting Worksheet

Flow Chart Wheel of Life

Additional Resources

Workshop D: Great Literacy and Reading Apps for Youth

Great Literacy and Reading Apps for Youth PDF of PowerPoint Presentation

Great Literacy and Reading Apps Handout

Listen and Read – eBooks, audiobooks, and more

Workshop F: Discrimination in Public Accommodations and Reasonable Accommodations under the Westchester County Human Rights Law

Workshop F PowerPoint Presentation

Panel Discussion

Library Accessibility – What You Need to Know

13 Free Assistive Technology Resources

Learn the Signs. Act Early.

My Child Has Autism Cards

Library Apps

2013 Annual Conference

Tech Trends & Library Services in the Digital Age: Slideshare Presentation

Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Demystifying the Common Core in Public Libraries: Powerpoint Presentation

Connecting Youth with Books through Storytelling: Rafe Martin’s Website

2012 Annual Conference

Author Garden: Author Garden Lineup

Technology Tools & Universal Design: References, YouTube Videos

Reading Rants: Reluctant Readers, Blogs & Youth Services: Powerpoint, Book Blogging Tips, Reaching Reluctant Readers

2011 Annual Conference

Photos from the 2011 Conference on Facebook

2011 Presentation Materials

Up To The Challenge: Libraries Successfully Serving Job Seekers  Presentation Slides

Leveraging Library Services Using QR Codes  The following link provides access to the reading list and PowerPoint presentation:

2010 Annual Conference

2010 Presentation Materials

Information Ethics in a Lib 2.0 World  Presentation SlidesDelicious Link of Presentation

Libraries, Literacy and Gaming  PowerPoint SlidesHandoutLink to LibGuide

Advocacy 101 Handout 1Handout 2Handout 3Handout 4

By Teens for Teens By Teens for Teens Handout

Difficult People Difficult People Handout

Successful Children’s Programs – What Works Handout 1Handout 2Handout 3

Wow Factor PowerPoint Presentation for WOW Factor

Volunteens Volunteen Presentation, Volunteen Handout

From Street Lit to Steam Punk PowerPoint Presentation for From Street Lit to Steam Punk

2008 Annual Conference

Read the 2008 WLA Annual Conference Informational Brochure

Handouts for: Tracie Hall’s Morning Program and Luncheon Talk

May I Please Blow Up the Reference Desk

Information 911

Handouts for: Tween and Teen Programs That Sparkle, Dazzle, and Shine!

Terrific Teen Programs

Tweens in the Library

Books by Rosemary Honnold

2007 Annual Conference

Read the 2007 WLA Annual Conference Press Release

List of Washington Irving Award Winning Authors Who Attended the WLA 70th Annual Conference

PowerPoint of “The Connected Library” presented at the 2007 WLA MidWinter Conference by Siobhan A. Reardon, Director Westchester Library Sytem

MidWinter Conference 2007 Evaluation Form

Slide Show of “Organizing the Stuff You Find and Getting Stuff to Find You” presented at the 2007 WLA MidWinter Conference by Liam Hegarty, Larchmont Public Library

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